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Feb 10th, 2008

Secured Loan

This type of loan, often called a Home Loan, is secured against your property. The benefits are that you usually get a better rate of interest, the amount you can borrow is normally higher than an unsecured loan, and having a credit history that is less than perfect is not such a problem. The downside is that you may lose your home if you fail to keep up repayments.


Mar 16th, 2008

Pay Day Loan

These loans are suitable for people with no assets and who may have a bad credit history, and who need some cash until the end of the month. Pay day. These very short term loans can help when nobody else will. They could stave off penalty charges and help with cash emergencies. The downside is that the interest charged is the highest in the industry, the amount that you can borrow is low and pay day loans should be used with caution.

April 2008

New Website Launched

The Personal Loan Company is proud to launch this new website aimed at matching people applying for loans to low cost lenders. Included for the first time is a link to a pay day loan lender. These increasingly popular short term loan can make all the difference in an emergency when no other lender will help.


Please note that we no longer offer links to lenders in North America.



Feb 10th, 2006
Secured Loans

For the best rates possible, why not choose a secured loan? more

» Mar 16th, 2006

New Partners

New "Pay Day Loans" offered by our partners. more


» April, 2006
Website Launch.
New website launched. New operating practices. more

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